2014 Is a Year of Major Baseball Anniversaries

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I opened the  latest edition of “Memories and Dreams”, the official magazine of the Hall of Fame the other day (it is the one with Babe Ruth on the cover) and started reading the first article on the Babe.  It reminded me something I that I had forgotten, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of Babe Ruth’s first appearance in the major leagues.  The man who changed the game and later credited for saving baseball after 1919 Black Sox scandal made his debut July 11th, 1914.

It then dawned on me that 2014 has quite a few major anniversaries.  Wrigley Field is also celebrating it’s 100th birthday, the Baseball Hall of Fame observes it’s 75th year as is Ted Williams major league debut and The Beatles came to America 50 years ago.  Ok, I know the last one is a stretch but I’m as passionate about The Beatles as I am about baseball.  They are the Babe Ruth of music and it fits into my theme that I have going here.

In honor of Ruth’s centennial major league debut the Hall of Fame has completely renovated it’s 180 square foot exhibit that honors the greatest of them all.  Included is the baseball that Ruth hit for his 60th homer, a ticket to the 1932 World Series game 3 where the Babe called the shot, a bat that he hit 28 homers in that historic 1927 season.  How do they know he hit 28 homers with it?  Because he used to notch it after every home run.

Early Social Media

Early Social Media

Also on display is his famous number 3 jersey. But interestingly enough that jersey  was never worn in a game.  Why is it so memorable? Because it was the one he wore on “Babe Ruth Day” on June 13, 1948 the day the Yankees officially retired his number.  But is was also later determined he also wore it in the film “Pride of the Yankees”.  Great stuff!!

Our “Hall of Fame Tour” starts on May 30th in NYC and ends June 7th in Detroit.  We see games at Yankee Stadium, Progressive Field and Comerica Park.  But we also spend a full day in Cooperstown.  Now if you have never been, you gotta go.  If you have been, you gotta go again!  There is so much to see.  I don’t care if you been there 10 times, every time is like the first.  Not to mention the bucolic beauty of Cooperstown and upstate New York.  With the Hall celebrating it’s 75th anniversary there is no better time.

So check out our action packed itinerary, the deluxe accommodations, the time set aside for site-seeing, the first class treatment you will get from the America’s Pastime Tour team and I am sure you will see that this is a baseball fan’s dream vacation.