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We are kicking off the 2015 season with our Baseball by the Beach tour with the first stadium being Tropicana Field that starts this April 22nd.  Let me first say I realize the Trop isn’t Fenway or Wrigley but it is definitely a place to go to see.  Why? Well, you will never be cold.  You will never be hot.  You will never get rained on either.  But obviously the real reason to see it because if you haven’t then you can’t check it off your list.

When I first headed to Tampa, or should I say St. Petersburg to see the Devil Rays take on the Yankees I was expecting the worst.  I of course I heard all the disparaging comments about the dome and the catwalks above the field so I went there knowing I was going to  hate this place like I hated the Metrodome that the Twins were forced to play in for so many years.  But when I walked in the rotunda I was pleasantly surprised,  the stadium actually has some character.  The only character the Metrodome had were baggies.  (I despised that place)

Rays Touch Tank

Rays Touch Tank

Even though Tropicana Field ranks near the bottom of most everyone’s ranking of  major league parks it does have things that make it unique.  The best known is the Rays Touch Tank.  Fans get the opportunity to get close and a little personal with rays that have been caught off the shores of Tampa Bay.   They also have the Ted Williams Museum where fans get to see artifacts and pictures of the last man to hit .400 both on and off the field and many other baseball legends.  Admission is free to all fans attending the game.

The Trop has also gone through a renovation that improves the fan experience.  They added a 360 degree walkway to better get around the stadium without missing any of the action.  Gone is the centerfield stadium club. In its place is an open concession area where fans can meet, get their favorite ballpark fare and not miss anything on the field.  A great improvement if you ask me.

Speaking of ballpark fare.  Most every stadium has a signature concession item and the Trop is no exception.  You just have to try the Rays Cuban Sandwich which is an area favorite.  But my personal favorite is the Hot Dog Cuban.  It’s a heart attack between two slices of bread but it is so good.

We have two games scheduled to see in Tampa.  Both against the visiting Boston Red Sox which are always a big draw when they come into town.  We then travel to Miami to see the improved Marlins take on their division rivals, the Washington Nationals in their beautiful new Marlins Park (more on that exquisite new stadium in my next blog).  Both should be battling all season long for first place in the NL East.   Also, we planned this trip in April because a lot you you, I am sure, will be ready for some 80 degree weather.  So call today (888) 962-4467 or hit the “Baseball by the Beach” tab under the “trips” menu to get all the information on this exciting 5 day baseball luxury vacation.