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Now that the dust has settled on all the flurry of baseball trades at the deadline and maybe the emotional knee-jerk reactions have been tranquilized, let’s take a look on what really happened and how effects not only this year but next year and beyond.  What I believe is the most interesting aspect is the game of chess is between the Tigers and the Athletics.  A’s GM Billy Beene knows he has a short window to win a championship and this year might be it before he can no longer afford many of his players as they head to free agency.  He figures that to get past Detroit (and hold off the Angels) he needed to bulk up his starting rotation to match the Tigers pair of Cy Young award winners, Jason Verlander and Max Scherzer.  They also have another stud pitcher in  Rick Porcello who has 13 wins so far this season.  So Beene goes out and trades  the Cubs a big piece of their future,  two former first-round draft picks ,for their All-Star pitcher Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hamels.  And then right before the deadline he goes out gets the Red Sox ace Jon Lester.  Beene thinks he now has a rotation that’s even better than the Tigers.

But not so fast!! Minutes before the trade deadline Tigers GM, Dave Dowbrowski adds another Cy Young winner in David Price.  You could almost hear him say “Checkmate”!  Great stuff in what is one of the most exciting trade deadlines in memory.

Detroit Bound

Detroit Bound

But in IMHO I think the real star of the baseball trading dealine is Red Sox GM Ben Cherington.  We all know the Sox are not going any where this year but they are only 9 months removed from a World Series ring so it’s not so much a rebuilding as it is a retooling.  The norm has been “sellers” trade stars near the end of their contract for high end prospects.  But what Cherington did was to get major league talent that can help right now and into next year when he acquired right handed power hitter Yoenis Cespedes for Lester.  Brilliant move!!  He and the Green Monster are going to get along just fine.  Then Cherington trades another one of his starting pitchers, a fading John Lackey, for more major league talent.  Granted both Allen Craig and Joe Kelly are having off years but you can make a great argument that the Cardinals don’t get to the 2013 World Series  without those two guys.  Then add the  fact that he was able to unload Stephen Drew to the Yankees which allows Bogaerts to go back to his normal and comfortable position, shortstop.  All in all, a great days work for the Red Sox GM.  Now, 2015 looks a lot brighter for Red Sox Nation.

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