Baseball Lost One of its Best!

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20150923_142039-1 20150923_142214-1These are two of my favorite cards from the Topps 1965 set and they remind me of one my favorite Yogi Berra stories. Back in 1965 Yogi and Hall of Famer Warren Spahn were finishing up their illustrious careers as player coaches for the hapless Mets when in one game they were actually battery mates. That’s when Yogi said to Warren “You know we might not be the oldest battery mates in the history of baseball but we sure are the ugliest!” Such typical Yogi! Boy, will he be missed but what a ride!!

2016 Season Schedule Has Been Announced!

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Even though we are in the middle some exciting pennant races its not too early to start thinking about your next years baseball vacation.  Major League Baseball has tentatively announced its schedule which means it is time for us to get to work!!  We have begun to put together some exciting trips that every baseball fan will love.  Our boutique company’s goal is to combine great stadiums in exciting cities while watching the games from terrific lower level seats.  All you have to do is enjoy this great baseball experience with friends and family while we take care of everything.fenway park

Our first trip of the season is our popular #Baseball By the Beach Tour” in April.  While the rest of the country is thawing out, we are planning  is to go see the Dodgers making a rare trip to Tampa to play the Rays for two games.  Then making the short trip to Miami to see the amazing Marlins Park as the Marlins will play one game against the Diamondbacks and then one game against the Phillies.

Our next trip we will be making a 5 game west coast tour that includes the Yankees playing the A’s, two games between the Giants and the Cubs and then we travel to LA to see the Dodgers take on the Cincinnati Reds for two games.

We also have trips scheduled for Fenway Park,  Yankee Stadium, Cooperstown, Wrigley Field and others throughout the majors this summer.  Once Major League Baseball finalizes all the starting times we will have all the details listed on our website.  So stay tuned and enjoy these pennant races!!


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Marlins Park, a Must See!!

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The second leg of our Baseball by the Beach tour heads to the exciting city of Miami to see the much improved Marlins take on the Washington Nationals for three games in their amazing new stadium, Marlins Park.  This 37,000 seat retractable-roof stadium opened in 2012 to rave reviews from fans and from the design community alike.  It has won over 24 awards from the excellence of the craftsmanship to its energy efficiency.  It is also one of  the most colorful parks in the majors as they used bright greens for the outfield walls and navy blue for the seats and then when you add the bright orange uniforms, it is like looking through a kaleidoscope.  The retractable roof weighs over 19 million tons and takes 13 minutes to fully close.  The roof consists of three panels that can be operated simultaneously or  independently to provide fans and players partial shading.  A prodigious engineering feat to say the least.

Beautiful Marlins Park

Beautiful Marlins Park

Since it was  built on the site of the former Miami Orange Bowl there is commemorative marker honoring the venerable stadium where so many historic games, including the the Jets upset over the Colts in Super Bowl III, had been played.  Also, like PNC Park in Pittsburgh, there is a great view of the Miami skyline seen through the glass panels in left field.  Their concessions reflect the locale of south Florida by offering such Latin favorites as Cuban and media noche sandwiches , empanadas , tamales and other delicious Latin fare.

Now it appears the Marlins have put together a team that is fitting its beautiful new home.  They locked up arguably the best hitter in the game, outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to a long term deal.  Recently acquired  Dee Gordon, Michael Morse and Martin Prado give the fish one of the better infields in the league.  They also added future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki for outfield depth.  It now appears they are poised to make a run at the defending division champion Nationals.  But the Nats also strengthened themselves this winner by adding the prize of this years off season, Max Scherzer to already the best starting staff in baseball.  So this three game series will be an early  indicator of the success of the   Marlins off season moves.

Exciting Miami Beach

Exciting Miami Beach

When you travel with America’s Pastime Tours you not only get great lower level seats, luxury downtown accommodations near the ballpark and breakfast every morning, you get to spend time in the cities we visit and instead of spending half your vacation inside a bus.  With Miami being one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world to explore our Baseball by the Beach tour is perfect for any fan who likes to mix sightseeing with baseball.  We get  two full days to explore Miami’s treasures like the beautiful South Beach where you can thaw out from the north’s long winter.  Also there is not a better place to people watch.  It also has an incredible night to take in after the game.  If nightlife is not what your looking for there are many other attractions to take in.  From air-boat tours of the Everglades, bus and boat tours of the city to see the wonderful art deco architecture, the Little Havana district and other major Miami sights.  Whatever you decide to do before or after the game we can make any or all arrangements.

Our last blog discussed the first leg of this tour, 2 days in St. Pete and 2 games between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Rays.  So in total you get premium tickets to 5 games in two wonderful and warm Florida cities and 5 nights spent in luxury hotels. Breakfast every day and transportation to and from each game are also included. So book today or if you have any questions just fill out the contact info found by hitting the “Ask Charlie” button or by calling  888.962.4467.  Start you season off right by traveling with America’s Pastime Tours and have a baseball vacation you will always remember.

Our Baseball by the Beach Vacation

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We are kicking off the 2015 season with our Baseball by the Beach tour with the first stadium being Tropicana Field that starts this April 22nd.  Let me first say I realize the Trop isn’t Fenway or Wrigley but it is definitely a place to go to see.  Why? Well, you will never be cold.  You will never be hot.  You will never get rained on either.  But obviously the real reason to see it because if you haven’t then you can’t check it off your list.

When I first headed to Tampa, or should I say St. Petersburg to see the Devil Rays take on the Yankees I was expecting the worst.  I of course I heard all the disparaging comments about the dome and the catwalks above the field so I went there knowing I was going to  hate this place like I hated the Metrodome that the Twins were forced to play in for so many years.  But when I walked in the rotunda I was pleasantly surprised,  the stadium actually has some character.  The only character the Metrodome had were baggies.  (I despised that place)

Rays Touch Tank

Rays Touch Tank

Even though Tropicana Field ranks near the bottom of most everyone’s ranking of  major league parks it does have things that make it unique.  The best known is the Rays Touch Tank.  Fans get the opportunity to get close and a little personal with rays that have been caught off the shores of Tampa Bay.   They also have the Ted Williams Museum where fans get to see artifacts and pictures of the last man to hit .400 both on and off the field and many other baseball legends.  Admission is free to all fans attending the game.

The Trop has also gone through a renovation that improves the fan experience.  They added a 360 degree walkway to better get around the stadium without missing any of the action.  Gone is the centerfield stadium club. In its place is an open concession area where fans can meet, get their favorite ballpark fare and not miss anything on the field.  A great improvement if you ask me.

Speaking of ballpark fare.  Most every stadium has a signature concession item and the Trop is no exception.  You just have to try the Rays Cuban Sandwich which is an area favorite.  But my personal favorite is the Hot Dog Cuban.  It’s a heart attack between two slices of bread but it is so good.

We have two games scheduled to see in Tampa.  Both against the visiting Boston Red Sox which are always a big draw when they come into town.  We then travel to Miami to see the improved Marlins take on their division rivals, the Washington Nationals in their beautiful new Marlins Park (more on that exquisite new stadium in my next blog).  Both should be battling all season long for first place in the NL East.   Also, we planned this trip in April because a lot you you, I am sure, will be ready for some 80 degree weather.  So call today (888) 962-4467 or hit the “Baseball by the Beach” tab under the “trips” menu to get all the information on this exciting 5 day baseball luxury vacation.